Trending and Baselining Tool for PRTG is Open!

Trending and Baselining Tool for PRTG Network Monitoring

Dear Visitor,

Our tool PRTGPluginsGUI for Trending and Baselining PRTG is now open for all public to testdrive.

You can download the current (0.7.0) version from the 'Alphas, Betas and Test versions' section and Request a 2 day test license via the 'Request a trial' function on our site.

The current short period of the test license is a safety precaution and I hope you can understand this but as before you can request the license multiple times.

Documentation (Admin Guide 0.7.0) is available on the 'documentation' section.

All comments negative or positive are most welcome.

I also want to thank all you who participated the Alpha Testing period.


Best Regards,

Olli Jokinen

Pricing and Demo licensing

Reminding you that the subscription fee to use all current and future versions of the plugins is still only 295€/year.

But just in case the demo licensing is still available for a free 7 day period and can be renewed as many times you need time for your complete testing.


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