Citrix NetScaler Monitoring with PRTG Plugins

NetScaler Base Monitoring Sensor

NetScaler base monitoring sensor enables basically the same view of information as the default Netscaler Dashboard

NetScaler Certificates Monitoring

Lists all installed Certificates by name and their days left. Also a generic channel is created for least days left certificate for generic alerting purposes.

NetScaler Load Balancing Virtual Servers Monitoring

 Monitor the states of your Load Balancing Virtual Servers.

  • Effective states
  • Current States
  • Health
  • Status

 Sensor utilizes PRTG lookups to report the real status of the states and health.


NetScaler Gateway Virtual Servers Status Monitoring

Reports Virtual Servers Status and AAA users count.  

NetScaler Configuration Changes Monitoring

Many administrators find it imperative to know when and what has been modified in the Netscaler configuration. PRTG Plugins Netscaler Sensor offers many options to cover this topic.

Monitoring Netscaler Modes

With this sensor option you can 'lock' each setting of your Netscaler configuration and get alerts if any of them changes.


Monitoring Netscaler Configuration

This sensor monitors your Netscaler for any configuration changes that are left unsaved. You can set a safety time after which the sensor sends a warning of unsaved settings. the safety time is configurable to suit your needs.





Monitoring Latest Netscaler Backup Age

This sensor simply reports the age and name of the latest backup of your Netscaler configuration. You can set your own limits for Warnings and Errors.

VPX Backup01