Citrix Performance Monitoring with PRTG Plugins

Citrix XenApp Performance and Health Monitoring

Our plugin offers comprehensive ways to monitor your Citrix and XenApp farms:

  • ICA Session Performance Counters
  • ICA Metadata Performance Counters
  • Secure Ticketing Authority Values
  • IMA Networking Performance Counters
  • Licensing Performance and Health
  • XenApp Server Load Monitoring
  • ICA Sessions data


 Citrix XenApp 7.6 Performance data

Monitoring Citrix XenApp Publishing server session performance:

  • Network performance
  • Roundtrip values
  • Bandwidth Usage

Monitoring XenApp 7.6 Farm Load

Monitor individual Server Citirix loads and amount of registered/unregistered Servers.

Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 ICA Session data


XenApp 6.5 Server ICA Session data

XenApp 6.5 Server Load, IMA connection and Licensing data example

Monitoring Control Hosts

Monitoring session creation effectiveness can be divided in to two main parts:

  • Identify Slow Session creation processes
  • Identify Unsuccessful Session creation processes

Combine these performance measurements to icamonitoring tools results.

With Comprehensive Error Reporting Features

Receive alerts of incomplete or problematic login tries on your server farm to identify any problems in your infrastructure.
Allows you to proactively contact the user even before he reports the problem.




Monitoring The Applications started on Publishing Servers

This feature is available on version XenApp 6.5 and above


 Monitoring Citrix Logon Performance

You can monitor Session Logon performance per each Publishing server in order to identify any performance discrepancy.

 Easily identify any Slow logons detected in your Server Farm.

Monitoring Citrix Licensing Information

Example Output of Channels: