Microsoft File Services Monitoring with PRTG Plugins

Enables comprehensive File Services Status and Performance monitoring and identification of Service bottlenecks. Secure your services by identifying security breaches and malfunctioning applications.

key features

  • Statuses and Volumes monitored for
    • Logons
    • Sessions
    • Files Open
    • Directory searches
  • Failures and Errors monitored
    • Pool Paged Failures
    • Non Paged Failures
    • Sessions Errored
    • Sessions Forced Out
    • Sessions Logged Out
    • Sessions Timed Out
    • Work Items Shortages
    • Requests Rejected
  • Failures and Errors of Security related monitoring
    • Errors Logon
    • Errors Access
    • Errors Perm
    • Errors System
  • Alerting can be consolidated based on any error or any individual counter